All About The Löwchen Dog

Read all about the Lowchen, an outgoing and intelligent dog breed known for its stylish lion-cut.

The Löwchen is a small dog with a big personality. The nature of the Löwchen is happy and outgoing, winning this dog breed numerous friends whether or not they are owners of Löwchens themselves. Many Löwchens are described as “clowns,” and all are ready to charm their way into people’s hearts.

Löwchens are agile, alert and intelligent dogs. This, coupled with their sturdy well-knit frames, makes Löwchens suitable candidates for both obedience and agility activities. Indeed, some are highly successful in these areas. Also, because this dog breed can spring up so easily on its back legs, some Löwchens even take part in flyball competition, which is a relay-race-type competition for teams of dogs. So adaptable is this charming little dog breed that some Löwchens work as hearing dogs for the deaf, a challenging and admirable employment that must undoubtedly be greatly appreciated by their owners.

The Löwchen is a fun dog to own and a fun dog to look at, especially when clipped in his distinctive “lion trim.” Indeed, many Löwchen owners describe themselves as “living with a pride of lions,” something both owners and “lions” seem to thoroughly enjoy. Some dog owners prefer to leave their Löwchens with long coats all over their bodies. However, the lion trim is one of the characteristics of this dog breed. In any case, a coat clipped into the lion trim is much easier to keep clean and is probably more comfortable for the dog. Alternatively, some dog owners like to keep their Löwchens in what is known as a “puppy trim,” with the coat kept fairly short, the same length all over the body. The coat on the clipped tail of the Löwchen is another distinctive feature of this dog breed, clipped as it is from its base to about half its length, leaving a plume at the end of the tail. The feet, too, are clipped, as are the legs, just leaving bracelets of hair on all four legs.

The Löwchen is a great family dog. This dog breed often gets along well with children, though the kids must be respectful of the dog, and other family pets as well. However, it is important that Löwchens are socialized, for, as with other dog breeds, there is always the danger that they may become withdrawn if they do not come into contact with people regularly.

Some Löwchens enjoy the “art of escapology,” which can present obvious problems. Some of these dogs have been known to scale six-foot fences, and it has not been unknown for the odd Löwchen to escape from a crate by means of carefully dismantling the interior springs that hold the door closed. Löwchen owners should be alert to all possibilities. A solid privacy-type fence would be better than a chain-link fence that could serve as a ladder for an enterprising Löwchen.


Excerpt from Löwchen, part of the Comprehensive Owner’s Guide series, with permission from its publisher, Kennel Club Books, a division of BowTie Inc. Purchase Löwchen here.

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