All About the Border Terrier Dog

The active and independent Border Terrier makes a great companion for the right family.

Border TerrierThe Border Terrier is an active and playful dog breed that makes a great companion. Border Terriers are friendly, bright and affectionate dogs who need to be a real part of the family, not just left in the yard to entertain themselves. Like most terrier dog breeds, the Border Terrier is a very healthy dog breed. Terrier dogs are generally hardy, and the Border Terrier has been further blessed with a dedicated following that is very selective in breeding to ensure the best health possible.

The Border Terrier is a cocky dog breed. While he may not go out and start a fight, a Border Terrier will stand his ground when taunted. This is not a dog breed that will lie about the house, trying to keep his owners happy. The Border Terrier has been bred as a hunter, a dog to pursue vermin, and he can be ready to work at the “drop of a rat.”

As with many terrier dog breeds, the Border Terrier desires to work with great enthusiasm and courage. Terrier dogs all have large and powerful teeth for the size of their bodies; they have keen hearing and excellent eyesight. No matter for how many generations Border Terriers have been pet dogs, the purpose for which this dog breed was bred remains with the dog.

Border Terriers can be challenging to train for the obedience ring. Terrier dogs are not easy dog breeds to work with in obedience! Their intelligence and independent spirits can sometimes make them more trying to train than most dog owners anticipate. You will see Golden RetrieversPoodles and Border Collies in abundance in obedience classes, as these are dog breeds that are easy to train. Not only are these dog breeds intelligent but, more importantly, they also have less of the Border Terrier’s spirit of independence.

Though Border Terriers are easily distracted and busy, they are intelligent dogs that do respond to proper training. The Border Terrier is a quick, alert and brainy dog and he likes his owner to be his equal.

Excerpt from Border Terrier, part of the Comprehensive Owner’s Guide series, with permission from its publisher, Kennel Club Books, a division of BowTie Inc. Purchase Border Terrier here.


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