All About the Bolognese Dog

Bred solely to be a companion dog breed, the Bolognese is an affectionate and loyal family dog.

The Bolognese dog breed has been bred over centuries for one purpose only—to be a companion dog to people. This remains the Bolognese’s purpose in life today. This dog breed’s charming character is in fact its major identifying feature. Paired with an enchanting appearance, the Bolognese’s winsome ways enable this dog breed to captivate many of his fans.

The Bolognese is mostly a calm and docile dog, but is also well capable of displaying a lively and funny demeanor. Some Bolognese possess a comportment very similar to that of the Poodle, and they may sometimes act like little clowns, taking much pleasure in amusing the family.

The Bolognese should not be considered a mere lapdog. The Bolognese is a dog of true quality, a big-dog personality in a small package. This dog breed will be very affectionate toward and form strong attachments to his owner, and he is not reserved in showing the world that he has a “big heart,” quite in contrast to his small physique.

The Bolognese will even turn out to be a good watchdog and show surprising bravery if necessary, without being a yapper. Despite his diminutive size, the Bolognese has a pleasantly deep voice, so his occasional barking should not bother your neighbors. This dog breed should never become the persistent, ear-piercing yelping type of dog that some other small dog breeds are known for.

Families with children will truly enjoy the playful ways of the Bolognese. Once this dog breed has been taught to remain at home alone, he is content to stay at home for three or four hours at a time. The Bolognese’s need for activity is limited, but this dog enjoys walks with his owner just as much as relaxation on the couch. “Teachable” is an accurate term when discussing the Bolognese. This is a small dog breed that enjoys activity and training lessons. The Bolognese is in fact always eager to learn something new. This dog breed is calm and perceptive, which are excellent traits that are much appreciated by an owner when training his dog.

The Bolognese is highly intelligent and teachable, finding pleasure in obedience exercises and training. The Bolognese’s even temperament makes him an ideal dog for an apartment or small home, and he is equally suited for young and elderly owners. This dog breed is neither headstrong like a Dachshund nor obstinate like a Shih Tzu. The Bolognese is simply amicable and abundantly affectionate and loyal toward his human companions.

Despite the Bolognese’s academic prowess, he is still first and foremost a companion dog. His loyalty to and affection for his owner are legendary, as his major task is to love his human partner and in return receive love from him. This dog breed always strives to please his owner.

The Bolognese is a delightful little dog with an extraordinary ability to adapt, happy to stay by his owner through thick and thin.


Excerpt from Bolognese, part of the Comprehensive Owner’s Guide series, with permission from its publisher, Kennel Club Books, a division of BowTie Inc. Purchase Bolognese here.

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