Alabama Anglers Catch Most Unusual ‘Cat Fish’ Ever

What started out as a relaxing afternoon on the river, ended up with the rescue of two kittens from the water.

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A new twist on catfishing saves two kittens in the process.

The Warrior River outside of Birmingham, Alabama, is known to have some of the best stock of catfish in the state.

However, when two local friends set out Saturday on the river to fish, actual cats is not what they intended on “catching.”

Jason Frost and his friend Brandon Key were out on the Warrior River this weekend, when they heard a splash and saw something swimming toward them, reports. As the object moved closer, they heard meows and, as witnessed in a video posted to Facebook (and on, Frost reached into the water and rescued a kitten from the water.

“Is this not the craziest thing y’all have ever seen,” Frost says in the video.

A new twist on catfishing saves two kittens in the process. Via  YouTube

Well, that’s a strange looking fish. Via YouTube

And it turned out the orange Tabby wasn’t alone. A moment later, the friends rescued another, identical kitten, who had leapt into the water and swam toward the boat.

Reportedly, bystanders along the shore were amazed at the cat rescue, and one family offered to take the two kittens home. Frost told that since there aren’t homes in the area, he believes the animals were most likely dumped there.

Since posting his video, Frost said he’s had more than 100,000 views and messages from across the country thanking him and Key for saving the adorable duo.

“Everybody always has a crazy fishing story and that’s all it is, is a story,” he told “If I wouldn’t have had this on video, everybody would have thought I was crazy.”

And then there were two! Via YouTube.

And then there were two! Via YouTube

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