AKC Study Reveals Dog Owner Buying Habits

Study details the opinions and purchasing decisions of many dog owners around the country.

The American Kennel Club’s recently released “21st Century Dog Owners Study” details some of the opinions and buying habits of many dog owners. The survey, conducted by the Dieringer Research Group, was based on the return of 750 completed questionnaires from owners of AKC-registered dogs.

Among other findings, the study found that half of its respondents feed their dogs rawhide bones, particularly basted or smoke flavored. Rawhide chew sticks were favored by 34 percent of respondents and pig parts by 26 percent.

A majority of the mostly female audience credited dogs with enhancing their own health, perhaps because almost half of them cited a leisurely stroll as the top activity to enjoy with their dogs.

Not surprisingly, a whopping 88 percent of those surveyed consider their dogs beloved family members, and 99 percent said the reason they have dogs is for companionship.

So how is a beloved dog treated at home? Apparently with lots of fun trips, balls to play fetch with, and the very best in canine nutrition.

About 72 percent of the dog owners surveyed said they look for the best and highest quality brands when it comes to products for their dogs, and two out of three owners purchased 9.3 balls for their dogs during the last 12 months.

The pampering, however, doesn’t stop with dog-specific products. Almost 50 percent of owners consider their dogs’ comfort before choosing a car and when deciding on a hotel, or making other travel plans.

When looking to relax, 87 percent of the dog owners surveyed said they enjoy watching dog-related TV shows.

Additional topics covered in the study include the breeds of dogs owned, other pets, where dog owners obtain a dog, shopping style, communication preferences, owner demographics and additional product purchasing information on food, health, grooming and other items.

The 100-page text is available for $650, plus shipping and handling, on the AKC website.

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