AKC Opposes Proposed Breeder Regulations

The American Kennel Club has created a petition in response to the U.S. Department of Agriculture new proposed regulations, which the AKC says would create harsh and unintended consequences for responsible small and hobby breeders.

In a statement the AKC says it shares the USDA’s concern about substandard Internet puppy sellers who operate outside current regulations.

Under the new regulations breeders who maintain more than four “breeding females” and who sell even one puppy sight unseen, by any means (including online, by mail or by telephone), would be considered a “retail pet store” and would be regulated as commercial breeders by the USDA.

According to the AKC, the effect of these proposed regulations would be to take away the public’s opportunity to obtain puppies from some of the nation’s top breeders.

The AKC has created a petition opposing the change.

“We encourage you to sign this petition in order to alert the USDA that a ‘one size fits all breeders’ type of regulation is not in the best interest of purebred dogs, especially rare breeds, and those looking to add a puppy to their family,” says AKC Chairman of the Board Alan Kalter. “By signing our petition and posting your comments it will demonstrate our combined commitment to the continued breeding of dogs by responsible small and hobby breeders throughout this country.”

The petition will be available until July 16 when the public comment period to the Animal Care Division of the USDA’s Animal Plant and Health Inspection Service ends. The petition, along with AKC’s comments on the proposed rule change, will be sent to the USDA. Click here to read the petition.

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