AKC and Disney Launch Dog Information Initiative

Information about Golden Retrievers is included in new Disney DVD.

The American Kennel Club and Walt Disney Home Entertainment are joining together on an initiative to help inform people about the joys and responsibilities of owning a dog.

Copies of “Air Buddies,” an all-new movie now on DVD, include an informational supplement about the film’s canine stars: Golden Retrievers. The insert, approved by the Golden Retriever Club of America, features breed characteristics such as temperament, exercise and grooming needs, interesting facts and retriever club contacts.

“We are ecstatic that the many wonderful qualities of Golden Retrievers are being showcased in this film, but caution anyone who wants to purchase one based only on what they see on the silver screen,” said AKC Marketing Director Gail Miller.

“They are great dogs, but no pet should be purchased on a whim,” Miller said.

The AKC breed insert includes the following points:

  • Golden Retrievers need daily exercise and social interaction, and should not be left alone all day.
  • The breed’s thick and lustrous coat requires grooming every few weeks.
  • All Golden Retrievers should be purchased from a responsible breeder who screens for health issues sometimes found in the breed, such as hip dysplasia, eye problems and heart disease.

“We hope the information we have provided will encourage those who buy the DVD and are interested in owning a Golden Retriever to do their research and to contact the national breed club,” Miller added.

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