AKC 2011 list of most popular dog breeds in the US

For 21st consecutive year, Labrador Retriever reigns as America’s No. 1 dog

Today the American Kennel Club announced its list of breed statistics for 2011 with a few interesting changes compared to 2010. Although the Labrador Retriever continues to top the list for the 21st year in a row, the Beagle has moved up the ranks from 4th to No. 3, and Golden Retriever from 5th to No. 4.

The Yorkshire Terrier was bumped down to 5th Place from last year’s 3rd spot. The German Shepherd Dog continues to hold out at 2nd place. The Poodle switched spots with the Dachshund for 8th place and the Rottweiler moved into 10th knocking the Shih Tzu out of the top 10.

Bulldogs and Boxers remain consistent for 2011 at 6th and 7th Place respectively. Here are some other notable shifts in placement from 2010 to 2011:

Setters on the rise
Irish Setter: 77 to 70; English Setter: 101 to 87; Irish Red and White Setter: 150 to 157; Gordon Setter: 98 to 94

Coonhounds on the decline
Black and Tan Coonhound: 91 to 109; Bluetick Coonhound: 119 to 136; Redbone Coonhound: 122 to 126

Terriers gaining ground
Bedlington Terriers: 140 to 134; Border Terriers: 83 to 80; Dandine Dinmont Terriers: 164 to 160

Little dogs climbing the ladder
Brussels Griffon: 80 to 77; Manchester Terrier: 121 to 119

Big dogs making big jumps
Bernese Mountain Dog: 54 to 34; Greater Swiss Mountain Dog: 101 to 82; Bullmastiff: 49 to 40; Rhodesian Ridgeback: 57 to 44; Irish Wolfhound: 86 to 79; Belgian Malinois: 94 to 74

To find out how your favorite breed is faring, check out www.akc.org/reg/dogreg_stats.cfm

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