Airlines Raise Fees For Dogs, Cats

Passengers must pay extra to travel with dogs this summer due to the rising cost of fuel.

The surge in oil prices means more fees for airline passengers this summer, including those travelers wanting their pets to accompany them in the cabin.

American Airlines, the largest U.S. carrier, recently raised the price for taking a cat or dog along for the plane ride to $100. That’s up from $80, each way.

Other airlines, including Frontier Airlines and Virgin America, also are making changes. U.S.-based Virgin America announced an increase in its cabin pet fee from $50 to $100. Bringing a dog or cat as a carry-on item on Atlanta-based Delta Air Lines now costs $100 each way, up from $75.

At Denver-based Frontier, pet owners will have to make other traveling arrangements for their animals now that the low-cost airline will no longer allow pets to ride in the cabin. Meanwhile, for hunters boarding a Frontier flight, animal parts are OK to bring into the cabin, for an increased fee. The cost to board with a pair of antlers was increased from $75 to $100.

The airlines said they are making cuts and adding fees as they deal with the rising cost of fuel.

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