Airlines Allow Dogs To Fly Coach After Massive Fire In Canada

The allowance was made so that Fort McMurray residents could be brought to safety.

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WestJet and Canadian North worked hard on helping evacuees and their pets get to safety. Via ThePublicEye/Twitter
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After a wildfire broke out in Fort McMurray in Alberta, Canada, thousands of residents were forced to evacuate their homes, which in some cases included bringing their pets with them. The 88,000 evacuees grabbed what they could, piled into their cars and left the area, headed for either Firebag airport or Albian airport, both of which are normally used for Suncor and Shell, two oil companies, respectively.

Two of the airlines taking the evacuees and their pets to safety are WestJet and Canadian North. The airlines will make as many flights as they can, depending on safety conditions and weather, BuzzFeed Canada reports. They’re also going against protocol and allowing pets to ride on board with their owners.

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“There’s been nothing really usual about what’s taking place,” Lauren Stewart, a WestJet spokesperson, told BuzzFeed Canada. “People have just shown up there with whatever they could grab, pets included… a lot of people just left with their dog in a car and they don’t have a cage for it.”

The evacuees and their pets will either be flown to Calgary or Edmonton, according to BuzzFeed Canada. After having been through so much with the fires and being forced to leave their homes behind, the evacuees must have been relieved to be able to bring their pets on the planes with them.

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