Airline Looks After Cat When Owner Goes Into Labor

A Canadian family was escaping the Fort McMurray wildfires with their cat when the mother went into labor — and the cat went into an airline’s social media photostream.

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Meow Meow knows her way around an airport now. Via Canadian North/Facebook

The wildfires in Fort McMurray, Canada, have forced the evacuation of thousands. Some of those evacuees are pets, which airlines have begun allowing to ride in the main cabin to escape the fires, and one of those pets had a small but memorable waylay at an airport on her way out.

Canadian North airlines watched a cat for a few days when her owner went into labor, Buzzfeed reports. Krystal Scott and her family — including their cat, Meow Meow — abandoned their home under threat of wildfire two weeks ago while Scott was at full term in her pregnancy.

At the airport in Calgary, Alberta, Scott went into labor and needed a place for Meow Meow to stay. The staff at Canadian North were kind enough to take in the cat, who, like cats do, made herself right at home. Meow Meow’s photos peppered the social media account of the airline. She flashes her very own name tag in one and inspects a plane model in another. She looks extremely comfortable with her temporary digs.

The airline appeared to be more than accommodating. According to the airline’s Facebook page, the Scott family is safe and sound and complete again. And Meow Meow is right at home in her new location.

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