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Air Canada Bans Dogs from Flights

Airline no longer accepts dogs and other pets to fly.

Quebec-based Air Canada airlines will no longer accept dogs and cats for travel in its baggage compartment as of July 15, 2007.

Those with reservations made prior to the rule change will be allowed to bring their pets along, the company says.

Air Canada removed pets from the equation in order, “to effectively handle the high volume of baggage loads and meet the needs of the vast majority of our passengers,” says the airline.

The policy affects all domestic flights, and, pending Canadian Transportation Agency approval, will soon include all international and trans-border flight, Air Canada says.

Pet owners will, however, have the option to send their pets via Air Canada Cargo, which employs a specialized team to handle all types of animals.

Air Canada had already restricted pet travel in September 2006 when it barred them from traveling in cabins.

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