Agility for You and Your Dog

Book offers everything you need to know to compete.

Agility Dog BookAgility is an exciting sport, combining physical skill with intimate communication between dog and owner. But to be successful, owners must understand every aspect of the course and what it takes to guide their dog through it. In the book “Agility Start to Finish” by Diane Bauman and Jessica Ajoux, you will learn everything about the sport from training to trials and more.

There are many things to consider when entering into the sport of agility. This book walks you through every step from building a strong foundation and starting a puppy to commands, handling sequences, contacts and obstacles, and competing. To give readers a well-rounded look at the sport, the book is separated into four sections.

In the first section, training philosophy, puppies in agility, and foundation training are discussed. Next, owners learn how to handle the dog through the course, and effective commands. Readers are then introduced to each obstacle and learn about working with contacts. Finally, readers are prepped on participation in agility trials and what to expect. Chapters are complemented by illustrations and photographs, helpful to both beginners and experts.

For anyone interested in agility, be it for pleasure or professionally, this book is a comprehensive guide.

“Agility Start to Finish” by Diane Bauman and Jessica Ajoux is on sale now.

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