Aggressively Adorable Anti-Smoking PSA Uses The Power Of Cats

Every time you smoke, a kitten dies. Kind of.

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Kitty wants to know why you keep smoking.

If you are still smoking, your cat might make you quit.

An aggressively adorable PSA from the Truth Campaign pits the power of cat videos against tobacco use, Reuters reports, with the tagline “Smoking = no cats = no cat videos.” Creators based the video, which ran as a commercial during last weekend’s Grammy Awards, on reports that secondhand smoke adversely affects pets at a higher rate than people.

Bad habits might ruin amazing moments like that time you saw a cat in a pirate outfit. Via truth campaign

Bad habits might ruin amazing moments like that time you saw a cat in a pirate outfit. Via truthorange/YouTube

Keyboard Cat shows up in the spot, so does Lil BUB and Cat in a Shark Costume Riding a Roomba. People at Truth Campaign want you to know that life without them — and all the cats, including that clearly grumpy cat in a pirate costume who makes a cameo — would be #CATmageddon.

Keyboard Cat is smoking ... smoking hot on the piano. Cigarettes? No way. Via truth campaign

Keyboard Cat is smoking … smoking hot on the piano. Cigarettes? No way. Via truthorange/YouTube

Robin Koval, CEO and president of Truth Initiative, the national public health organization that directs and funds the Truth Campaign, explained the thinking behind the spot in a release.

“Pets are two times as likely to get cancer if their owner smokes,” Koval said. “#CATmageddon uses some of the Internet’s most popular cats to show the impact of tobacco use.”

Kitty wants to know why you keep smoking. Via truth campaign

Kitty wants to know why you keep smoking. Via truthorange/YouTube

So smoking could be more awful than you thought. But if you stop smoking, and you share this video and hashtag, you get not awful things, like health and more cat videos. Campaign organizers say once it gets 100 retweets, super cat-video creator Aaron’s Animals will unlock a secret cat video to share — “The Most Epic Cat Video Ever” according to the spot. Who wouldn’t want that?

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  • Truthfully, I’ve always paid very little attention to anti-smoking ads. I figured that as an adult it was my choice what I did to my own body. I’ve always smoked outside & never around nonsmokers; I arrogantly thought secondhand smoke meant that you had to be actively smoking in front of a nonsmoker. I found out in the most heinous way just how wrong I was. Jorge, my cat, was my entire life; I was in a very abusive relationship when rescuing him in January 2001 literally saved my life. I had given up on life and was just existing, but this amazing animal gave me a reason to fight and want to live. We shared almost 15 amazing years together; he taught me what the term unconditional love really meant & I repaid him by subjecting him to a horrible, painful death. Being a former abuse victim, I was fanatical about his safety and health; I never realized that I was ultimately the one he needed protection from. He’d chew on my hair when he was sick or wanted something, which meant he was taking in carcinogens from my smoking and he’d cuddle up to me in my smoky clothes. On November 24, 2015; he woke me up at 5:20 a.m., I could see something dangling from his mouth; I turned on the lights and it looked like a crime scene; there was literally blood everywhere! I called his vet at 7 am, but she was on Thanksgiving vacation, so another vet at the office saw him & determined he “scratched himself grooming”. It wasn’t her fault; she had no idea I was a smoker. I took him home & he still couldn’t eat, even though I could tell he was hungry. I spent over $200 buying every can of cat food and broth I could find. I ended up force feeding him cat milk with a syringe. I called the vet’s office the day after Thanksgiving & luckily his amazing vet was back. She had me bring him right in & could tell a huge tumor was blocking his throat, which was why he couldn’t eat. She told me it was oral cancer & I knew there was no cure & he was in tremendous pain. To make a long story less long, we had to put my baby to sleep on November 27th. On Christmas, I got the shock of my life when I was looking for information on feline oral cancer research to make a donation in Jorge’s memory. It was then I found that MY smoking killed the one I loved most. I was so upset I wrecked my car. I suppose it’s ironic that since I love my smoking so much, my cherished baby is now a huge box of ashes.

    Jessica February 18, 2016 5:38 pm Reply
    • Your story has me in tears…..I feel for you and your Jorge. I know he doesn’t blame you…he was pure love. If you are still at night perhaps you can feel him with you …a rub or soft head butt. Love doesn’t die. I am sure his only wish is that you stop smoking. For your sake and anyone else in your life now or any rescues in the future. Jorge would be proud if you helped yourself and a homeless cat. In Jorge’s name. Good Luck. 🙂 ♡ > • • < ♡

      Cherie February 19, 2016 4:21 pm Reply
    • Jessica,

      I want to thank you for your openness and honesty. Jorge was lucky to have your love, and you were lucky to have his.

      I adore my kitties like you adored Jorge; they are the greatest blessing in my life. I save their lives, but in the end they always save me. My husband adores them too. Our very special girl Stormie, died when she was only 10 years old, and healthy in every other way…. from a giant tumor growing in her mouth, which finally stopped her from being able to eat. And was inoperable.

      My husband smokes all the time. He smokes outside, away from the cats, but he pets and pets and pets them with his smokey hands and they sleep against his smokey clothing. One of our little ones licks his head to groom him every night. After Stormie died and I found out why through reading, I tried to tell him as gently as I could, but he won’t believe me and won’t stop. I fear for the lives of my other cats, and I miss my very special Stormie so much I can’t stand it. It is very hard to forgive and be kind when my husband refuses to see or to change. He does not want to have to wash his hands and cover his hair and change his clothes. He does not want to give up his favorite companion of all (cigarettes).

      It is my job to let it go, and I can’t seem to let it go. These are my children and I want to protect them. We can’t change the past, but I want to be able to love my other kitties for a long time and not lose them to this. And not have to try and forgive my husband for this.

      I can’t talk to many people about what happened and how I feel. Thank you very much for giving me the gift of your story. It is very good for me to hear that you take responsibility and that you won’t do this to any other cats. I am so, so sorry for your loss and your pain. You did not know. We need to get the word out, keep telling people so that less beloved kitties will suffer.

      Please do not let this break you. You still shared a lot of years of love… and you did not know. Maybe you can adore another kitty soon; maybe you can even let go of the addiction. I want to thank you for giving my heart a little bit of space to try and heal and let it go. I won’t forget your story. Or darling Jorge. Or my darling girl and my very best friend for 10 years, Stormie. Thank you.

      Kris February 21, 2016 1:12 am Reply
  • We all get those once in a while from wearing our earrings! Sometimes the pus that comes out the front is white and the pus from out the back is grey or black. Nice little pay lo.arGaedt find Winnie, thank you!!

    Carly November 30, 2016 10:33 pm Reply

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