After Sandy, Atlantic City Cats Return

Feral cat group assists the return of the "Boardwalk Cats."

Longtime feral cat residents of Atlantic City’s boardwalk have returned to their colony, according to stray and feral cat advocacy group Alley Cat Allies. The cats appeared healthy and readily moved back into their surroundings, which had suffered significant damage from Hurricane Sandy.

The cats moved back into their homes ahead of schedule. Public officials in Atlantic City helped Alley Cat Allies by sending a Disaster Response Team to assess Sandy’s damage, rebuild the cat shelters and feeding stations, and help residents and feral cat caregivers get to vets and other services.

“We prepared prior to Sandy’s landfall, but we also knew from experience that these resourceful cats would instinctively head for higher ground and protect themselves,” said Becky Robinson, president and co-founder of Alley Cat Allies. “More than half of the colony has already returned — we anticipated it might take a few days longer, but the cats were clearly ready to get back to their routine!”

Robinson said Alley Cat Allies is taking calls from the East Coast by feral cat caregivers asking for help. People needing assistance should email or call (240) 482-1980, ext. 330. Alley Cat Allies is also coordinating volunteers via the same email address, and will work to get them where they are needed most to return feral cat colonies and caregivers to normalcy throughout the affected region.

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