After Akita Loses Both Eyes To Glaucoma, Her Younger ‘Siblings’ Step Up

Gentle Akitas Kass and Keller have become seeing eye dogs for their blind "sister" Kiaya.

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Kass and Keller look after Kiaya. Via ABC News

Kiaya is a beautiful 10-year-old Akita who has lost both eyes to glaucoma, first one, then the other. But, thanks to the support of the other dogs in her family, being blind hasn’t stopped Kiaya from getting around.

Eight-year-old Kass and 2-year-old Keller, have become Kiaya’s own seeing eye dogs, leading her around the yard and into and out of owner Jessica VanHusen’s Michigan home, ABC News reports.

“I think she’d be pretty lost without them,” VanHusen, a vet tech, told ABC News.

After Kiaya lost her sight, the other rescue Akitas stepped up to help almost immediately, displaying a gentleness that touched VanHusen and Dr. Gwen Sila, the veterinarian who performed both of Kiaya’s surgeries.

Beautiful Kiaya, who lost her sight to glaucoma. (Via ABC News)

Beautiful Kiaya, who lost her sight to glaucoma. Via ABC News

“Her brothers are pretty amazing at the way they help to guide her around,” Sila told ABC News. “Each of them will stand on either side of her so she doesn’t bump into anything and lead her around the yard.”

Kiaya may not be able to see, but with love like this, from her owner and from her younger “brothers,” her world is far from being dark.

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