African Greys On The Lam In Britain

In the morning, I like to do a Google news search for “parrot” to see any late breaking stories involving parrots. For not being the biggest Jimmy Buffet fan, I always know when he’s on tour or when his “parrot heads” fan base is up to something because that’s what often pops up first for news. Then it’s the local news outlets profiling people who are looking for their lost parrot.

A lost parrot in the UK seems to especially be a newsmaker, and it almost seems like there is a lost African grey in the UK in any given week. See the following examples: herehere and here.

Of course, we here in the U.S. seem lose our fair share of pet parrots, and the anxious owner’s gut-wrenching story is told in the local news outlets. Lost parrots are especially news wary; more so, I bet, than lost dogs. (And lost cats really don’t stand much of a chance of making the news unless they were stowaways on a plane and found thousands of miles away.) I think part of the intrigue has something to do with the fact that our pets can even recite their name and address when found (as in the case of the African grey in Japan who did just that).

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