African Grey Parrots Stolen In Burglary

Stolen birds Missy and Snoop Dogg can be identified by their love of chirping phrases such as "Give us a big fat kiss.

It seems as though there have been a slew of stories about stolen birds in recent months and just when we thought there wouldn? be anymore, another one occurred. This time the bird-napping took place in Middlesbrough, England. The burglary happened on Teeside, following a break-in on Bransdale Road in Berwick Hills.

The stolen birds are African grey parrots named Missy and Snoop Dogg. The birds are easily identified by their loves of saying such phrases as “Giz a tickle,?”Give us a big fat kiss?and “hello fat girl,?amp;nbsp;Gazette Live reports. The parrots also sing along to the BBC? Match of the Day soccer program as well as to Laurel and Hardy.

The birds were believed to have been stolen between September 24 and 28. Those with information should call PC Hampson by dialing 101.

Update 10/1/2015: BBC has reported that one of the birds, Missy, has been found.  

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