African Grey Parrot Is Lead Vocalist for Metal Band

Hatebeak, the only avian metal band, is releasing a new album.

When you think of the best metal singers of all time, you likely think of Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden, Rob Halford of Judas Priest or maybe even James Hetfield of Metallica. Chances are if you?e a fan of metal, you can name a whole lot more. But there? one that stands out above the rest: Waldo. He? in his 20s and he? the lead singer of Hatebeak. Did I mention he? also an African grey parrot?

That? right. Waldo is a bird. He? got the vocal chops that could rival any singer in his genre and we think he? gain the top spot. His human bandmates play drums and guitar but the band would be nothing without Waldo. Hatebeak released three albums ?Beak of Putrefaction, Bird Seeds of Vengeance and The Things That Should Not Beak ?before splitting up in 2009. They?e recently gotten back together to release their fourth album, Number of the Beak. Waldo is back on lead vocals delivering the death metal sound full force.

Check out his vocal abilities:

While Hatebeak doesn? tour in order to protect Waldo, the music can be purchased on the Reptilian Records website.

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