African Grey Breeding Season

Find out how an African grey parrot's breeding cycle rotates through the year.

African Grey breeding season generally starts in October, with chicks hatching in December. Via Papooga/Flickr


When is an African grey’s breeding season?

A: Jean Pattison, also known as “The African Queen,” explains:

In most parts of the world, African greys breed when they have short daylight hours. In the U.S. this is winter time. Most greys start copulating in October with egg laying starting in November and chicks hatching in December. Since greys are cyclic layers, it does no good to pull eggs for incubation. About the time the first of the season chicks are weaning and become independent, the pair may go back to nest. This would be about March or April, about four months from egg laying to egg laying. The greys then take a rest until next November. Indoor breeding may cause greys to lay year around, but I do believe after a few years of this, it may throw their cycle off and they quit laying for a few years.

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