Affectionate Import

The European Burmese charms with its sleek good looks and playful personality.

Allene Keating keeps her cats’ toys in an unlikely place: the refrigerator. She resorts to this storage area to prevent her European Burmese cats from waking her at 4 a.m. to play. “This is the one door they haven’t figured out how to open,” explains the breeder from Topeka, Kan.

The breed’s playful nature — coupled with a healthy dose of intelligence — makes the European Burmese an active, outgoing feline companion, Keating adds. Breeders also describe the cat as companion-oriented, making an excellent family pet. “It is their understanding that their duty in life is to either supervise or participate in everything that their person is doing,” says Robin Bryan, European Burmese breed council secretary for the Cat Fanciers’ Association and a breeder from Champaign, Ill. “I have had cats waiting for me outside of the shower — I’ve even had some join me in the shower!”

Similar But Different
Keating speculates that the European Burmese inherited several of its outgoing personality traits from its Siamese ancestors. Cat enthusiasts will also recognize several characteristics the breed has in common with its cousin, the Burmese.

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