8 Best Pieces Of Advice From Pets On Twitter

Who knew pearls of wisdom could come from your pet? Well, thanks to #AdviceFromMyPet, humans are getting schooled from animals.

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So wise. Via BarkPost/Twitter
Chrissa Hardy

Believe it or not, some of the best advice you could receive comes from your pet. Even though they can’t speak English, they seem to know the real deal when it comes to life — as evidenced by the latest trending hashtag by @TheHashtagGame.

#AdviceFromMyPet invites Twitter users to share the best advice their pets have ever given them, and the hashtag has been dominating Twitter since Tuesday morning.

The advice ranges from silly, to practical, to motivational, to absolutely moving. Here are some of the best pearls of wisdom provided by pets on Twitter.

1. Couch Conundrums

You can do anything, even when it’s highly frowned upon.

2. Potty Training For Humans


Pets know no boundaries.

3. Judgment-Free Zone

All are wise. All are lovable.

4. Fit Facts


All exercise is good for the body.

5. Time Management For Humans

You will never regret a nap.

6. Kindness Counts


Furry friends are friends for life.

7. Dating Tips For Humans

Put yourself out there.

8. Motivation Station


You are stronger than you realize.

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