Adventures in Doggie Daycare

New reality TV show chronicles the happenings at a Seattle doggie daycare business.

Think “The Real World” with lots of dogs and puppies – and a few interesting humans thrown in for good measure.
WE TV has announced “Adventures in Doggie Daycare,” a new original series that follows the action at Downtown Dog Lounge, an upscale doggie daycare center in Seattle, Wash.

“The Lounge,” as its loyal customers refer to it, is one of the most extravagant doggie daycares in the country, stocked with dynamic employees, eccentric and demanding canine owners, and unique dogs.

The half-hour series features a staff that does whatever it takes to please its furry clients and owners, by providing services and events ranging from aromatherapy, “pawdicures” and herbal baths, to birthday parties, hiking trips, and other fun-filled retreats.

“Adventures in Doggie Daycare” will debut in March. To learn more about “Adventures in Doggie Daycare,” visit

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