Outdoor-Loving ‘Adventure Cats’ Take Over Instagram

Adventure Cats are the latest feline Instagram trend to take off and for good reason — these hiking, kayaking and camping cats are FIERCE.

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Not all cats who wander are lost. Via Adventure Cats/Instagram
Chrissa Hardy

Cats are curious and independent by nature, so it’s only fitting for them to be their adventurous selves around their equally adventurous owners. And, naturally, these adventures should be documented on Instagram.

AdventureCatsOrg is a new Instagram account that celebrates these feline thrill-seekers by featuring photos of cats scaling mountains, braving the elements and being all-around tough cookies out in the wild. Cats being cute and cuddly is great, sure, but cats being cute and brave AND outdoorsy? That’s just spectacular.

The account already has more than 1,4000 followers. Its popularity has even spawned an entire website, set to launch this year.

While it’s endlessly entertaining to see these cats roughing it in the woods, in boats and in the desert, not every cat is an Adventure Cat. It’s important to remember that cats should always be supervised while outdoors, and harnesses are a great way to keep them safe. In fact, many of the cats featured on AdvetureCatsOrg sport harnesses or leashes.

That being said, some cats just can’t get enough adventure. Here are some of the baddest, boldest Adventure Cats in the bunch.

1. “Just think of all the fish that’s in there.”

2. “BRB, just gonna climb this tree real quick.”

3. “Well it’s a good one thing one of us isn’t afraid of heights.”

4. “Yeah, nature looks good on me.”

Romeo is looking pawsitively picture purrfect. #adventurecats #catsofinstagram #catlovers #flowers Photo by @weeklywhiskers

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5. “Just let me know when you get too tired, and I’ll carry you.”

6. “I am ready to become a reality star, human. Take me to the Kardashians.”

7. “When I rock climb, it is the rocks that should be afraid.”

8. “What. Like it’s cold?”

9. “I shall conquer this slide with reckless abandon. And inevitably land in a pile of damp leaves.”

10. “Just climbed this mountain. Now lemme take a selfie.”

11. “Who says cats are afraid of water?”

12. “After a long day of adventure, it’s nice to relax around the campfire. When are we breaking out the s’mores?”

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