Adventure Cat Finds Stray, Shows Her The Ropes

A cat acts as a hiking guide and outdoor buddy to a little kitten.

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Sometimes you need an outdoor guide. Via littlecat_bigisland/Instagram
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Adventure cats hike and climb their way around the great outdoors. Wonder how they begin their active lives? It takes dedicated owners or, in one case, a big brother cat to train them.

Atlas the adventure cat on the Big Island of Hawaii took a stray 7-week-old kitten under his wing a few months ago and helped her on the path to being an active hiking cat. Of course, Atlas’ owner had a big hand in the transformation, too.

“I found a harness that fit her and brought her on our next adventure,” owner Sam Christie told “I intended to carry her in a bag, but she wiggled out and preferred to walk behind Atlas.”

Atlas is only 1 year old but he put his knowledge of climbing around the beaches and trails of Hawaii to use as he led this little kitten around.

“The kitten had to run to keep up with Atlas’ long legs but he would pause to let her catch up,” Christie said. “She followed him everywhere and they would take breaks to wrestle in the grass. She was really brave for being a 1.5 pound kitten on a leash. As long as she was following Atlas she had plenty of confidence.”

Watch my back. I’m gonna climb this tree really quick.

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The trio spent about a month hiking around the Big Island while Christie fostered the kitten. She tried to find an owner locally but wound up reaching out to a friend on Lanai. The friend introduced the kitten to her cat, Kona, and named her Nell. Nell and Kona are now BFFs and go on adventures together.

“It worked out perfectly!” Christie said. “She couldn’t be loved more.”

Atlas might have missed the kitten in the days after she went to her new home but has since bounced back. Now he’s helping his owner bring in a stray cat she’s been feeding. The cat loves to play with Atlas and might convince this stray to come inside.

“Atlas plays a huge part in getting our foster cats comfortable in a home environment,” Christie told Petcha. “He shows them how to interact with people and gets them to play. I think we’ll be able to find him an indoor home now that Atlas has helped make him comfortable inside.”

It’s okay to take nap breaks on the longer adventures. That’s what hammocks are for.

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In addition to the adventures, Atlas is taking his job as foster helper seriously.

“My goal for the future is to foster more kittens and for Atlas to help train a new generation of adventure cats,” Christie said. “For now though, we seem to have our hands full with the strays that show up at our house.”

It’s great to see a tradition passed down to a younger generation. Who wouldn’t want more adventure cats in the world?

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