Adventure Cat On Epic Road Trip To Visit All U.S. National Parks

Vladimir Kitten and his owners are making their way through all 59 U.S. national parks.

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Vlad cat at Mt. Rainier
Vlad and Madison behold the beauty of Mt. Rainier in Washington. Via ourvieadventures/Instagram
Stephanie Brown

Vladimir Kitten has probably been to more national parks than most people have. He’s visited 52 out of the 59 U.S. national parks, and he’s not done yet.

The 1–year-old cat is on a mission with owners, Cees and Madison Hofman, to visit all of the national parks. Cees (pronounced “Case”) and Madison met at Brigham Young University in Utah and got engaged in Yosemite National Park in 2014. The outdoorsy couple, who are now married, decided to visit all 59 national parks after they realized they would graduate the same year as the National Parks Service’s 100th anniversary.

“We thought, ‘well maybe we could visit a bunch of the National Parks?’” they write on their website, Our Vie Adventures (vie is French for “life”). “Then when we found out that we would graduate during the 100 year anniversary, we thought – why not try and get to ALL OF THEM?! So we went for it!”

My hoomans said glaciers and icecats are disappearing, so I came to rescue them! —Vladimir #savetheicecats

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They set out in their trusty 1989 Toyota motor home in April 2016, starting with Great Basin National Park in Nevada. Since then, they’ve been to the Grand Canyon in Arizona, seen the Northern Lights in Alaska’s Wrangell-Saint Elias National Park and hiked through Shenandoah National Park in Virginia, to name a few.

“I guess my hoomans take me to some pretty cool places” –#vladimirkitten

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Vladimir, who was adopted just before the start of the road trip, has taken to adventuring. He hikes, kayaks and has even rappelled.

“He’ll hike along side with us and pretty much run right next to us on the trail,” the couple write on their site. “When he gets tired or too distracted to walk, we put him up on one of our backpacks to ‘ride it out.’”

The traveling trio is taking some time off from the road because they recently became a foursome. In April, Madison gave birth to son Theodore Trace, named after President Theodore Roosevelt, who doubled the number of sites within the National Park system.

The Hofmans plan to set out this summer to finish their epic road trip. When the trip is finished, Vladimir just might be the first cat to visit all of America’s national parks.

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