Adult Ferrets Pick On Baby Ferret

How can a baby ferret be safely introduced to two older ferrets that attack it?

Q: I adopted a baby, sable ferret that is 4 months old. I have two other white ferrets that are between 2 and a half and 3 years old. I have them separated from the kit because every time they are around her (all females) they bite her neck and shake her like they want to hurt or kill her. This worries me. I am waiting for the kit to get older and bigger so hopefully this will stop. Do you have any suggestions of how to make things more comfortable for all the ferrets? Will all the ferrets one day get along?

A: In my experience, most ferrets eventually get along, especially those that already have experience with other ferrets. Once you start introducing ferrets, keep it as small periods of introductions, or the ability to see/smell another ferret can lead to higher instances of aggression.

Find a neutral place (a bathroom or other safe area none of the ferrets usually visit) and let all three ferrets meet each other. Be there to supervise the ferrets, but let them interact however they feel comfortable. Ferrets will usually seem fairly aggressive, but remember that the skin around the neck is very thick. If the younger ferret screams, separate the ferrets briefly and start again.

If three ferrets at a time seem to be too much, start with one older ferret and the baby ferret. Once they have a chance to meet and seem to get along, switch to pairing the other older ferret with the baby ferret. Once those two seem to get along, then try all three ferrets together.

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