Adorable Rescue Puppies Celebrate Halloween

These puppies are bringing a whole lot of cute to this spooky holiday!

These puppies are trying to be spooky for Halloween, but they only thing scary about their story is that someone turned them in for adoption! But don’t worry, they are in excellent hands and will be looking for families very soon.

These sweet puppies were dropped off at the 2nd Chances Rescue in Norco, CA in a large tupperware box. The woman claimed to have found them, but because of their dispositions and cleanliness, the shelter believes that the woman tried to care for them, but it became too much work. The 9-week-old, Chihuahua-Yorkie puppies are now getting into the spirit of the holiday and hoping these adorable shenanigans will help them find their perfect forever homes.    



We think these Halloween dog names would suit these puppies just perfectly>>

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