Adorable Puppies Play with Adorable Droid

These lucky pups get first looks at the hottest new Star Wars toy.

If your heart is on the Dark Side of the Force, prepare to be warmed to the Light. The hottest item from last week’s Star Wars merchandising frenzy “#ForceFriday” was a remote controlled droid named BB-8, from the upcoming filmStar Wars: The Force Awakens. R2-D2 has always been a household favorite droid, but BB-8 looks like he is pulling a pretty close second.


I won’t censor myself here: I am a mega Star Wars fan. But I also love puppies, so when I heard that Vanity Fair went ahead and placed the BB-8 droid in a room full of puppies, and posted a video of it, I raced to my computer faster than an X-Wing in the Death Star trench.

 bb8 and dog 

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