Adorable Miniature Pigs Get All Dressed Up For Halloween

These little piggies are ready for some Halloween fun!

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Halloween piggies dressed up as pumpkins. Via prissy_pig/Instagram
John Virata

What do you do when you have a litter of miniature pigs and it’s nearing Halloween? Well, you dress them up of course! Instagram user prissy_pig did just that with her miniature piglets, dressing them up as pumpkins, witches and more. Prissy_pig did get a little crafty with some of them, even going so far as to create a movie theme with some of the outfits.

Check them out.

1. Pumpkins Of Course

You just can’t miss a pig at a pumpkin patch during Halloween!

2. Pigs In The Blanket

A new definition of the term Pig In The Blanket.

3. The Pig Witch Project

Look what I brewed up today!??#doubletrouble #magicspell #halloween #witch #PrissyandPosey #PrissyandPop

A photo posted by Priscilla and Poppleton?? (@prissy_pig) on

The new thriller starring two little piggies.

4. Ghostbustin’ Pigs

They ain’t afraid of no ghost.

5. The Bride Of Frog And Swine

You definitely can’t dress your pigs up for Halloween without one of them being Miss Piggy!

6. Look Who Came To Dinner

Relax Pop! I don’t think you have to worry about them eating your dinner!???#tbt #hauntedfarm #countryliving #PrissyandPop

A photo posted by Priscilla and Poppleton?? (@prissy_pig) on

“Ghostly things don’t really scare us, but they really intrigue us.”

7. Let it Go!

The cold never bothered us anyway.

8. The 13th Gate

Hopefully we won’t be scared once that creaky gate closes.

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