Adorable Cats Face Off In Hilarious Slow-Motion Play Battle

Internet cat stars Maru and Hana have their play fight taken to the next level with their battle displayed in slow motion.

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Maru and Hana engage in a serious play fight that becomes extraordinary when shown in slow motion.

It’s always adorable watching cats play fight with one another, especially when they leap, pounce and wrestle.

However, viral stars Maru and Hana have taken the cuteness of kitty play fights to the next level in a hilarious slow-motion battle that was uploaded to YouTube last Friday by Mugumogu. The slow motion allows you to gaze in wonder at every moment of strategizing, attempted psych-outs and brilliant moves. Let’s go “ringside.”

Maru starts off side-eyeing Hana because, apparently, he can tell by her posture that his friend is going to try and pull some sort of mischievous trick. Their owner states on the I Am Maru website that: “As Maru made a pass at Hana persistently, she got angry.”

In her effort to get cat revenge, Hana pounces on Maru and the two roll around in a dire grip. Both playfully nip each other as their long, fluffy tails are twitching.

As the two cats stare, stalk, roll, pounce and wrestle with each other, you can see every grumpy glare of displeasure and the tightening of the muscles before they pounce on their “opponent.”

Hana tries circling around her playmate in an attempt to get the upper hand but Maru watches her because he knows she’s going to try to pounce again.

Lo and behold, Maru was right: his buddy does leap at him. This time he’s ready for her, and after a spot of wrestling, he manages to knock her off. This move clearly wounds poor Hana’s pride. She obviously thinks she’s one tough kitty cat, after all.

"You are not as tough as me, Hanna!" Via Mugumogo/YouTube

“You are not as tough as me, Hana!” Via Mugumogo/YouTube

Finally, despite Hana’s best wrestling moves, Maru is the clear victor as he pushes her off and chases her away from the “wrestling mat.”

My advice to Maru is to watch his back. Hana is going to remember that he defeated her, and she’s going to want a rematch soon!

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