Adorable Adoption Photo Could Lead To Dog’s Eviction Because Of Breed

After a photo of Dan Tillery and his new dog Diggy went viral, local officials said the dog had to leave because they believed him to be a Pit Bull.

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The face of danger? Some cops think so. Via Detroit Dog Rescue/Facebook
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Dog adoptions are usually happy times, and for Dan Tillery, his adoption of Diggy was no exception. In fact, he showed off how happy he was with his new dog in a photo, which went viral on Facebook. That’s when things changed.

Last week, Tillery’s dog was ordered out of his home of Waterford Township, Michigan, because the town has a ban on Pit Bulls, Fox 2 Detroit reports. A smiling adoption photo of dog Diggy and Waterford resident Tillery went viral when Detroit Dog Rescue shared it on Facebook June 6, and it caught the eye of people who want to keep Pit Bulls out of Waterford.

“I follow the rules. I follow the law. I want to keep Diggy,” Tillery, who says Diggy is an American Bulldog, told the news outlet. “I just believe it starts from bitterness. The dog has been smiling and licking face since his existence here.”

According to Waterford Township Police, locals felt differently.

“Somebody complained about the dog in the neighborhood,” Waterford Township Police Lt. Scott Good told Fox 2 Detroit. “We responded to it, and we determined that the dog met the criteria of the ordinance in terms of not being allowed in the township.”

Tillery isn’t the only one contending that Diggy is an American Bulldog. Detroit Dog Rescue, where Diggy spent nearly 100 days as Sir Wiggleton before being adopted, also says the smiling white dog is an American Bulldog.

“Not only did we make sure his paperwork said American Bulldog, we also called the clerk and said what are your restrictions on American Bulldogs, we want to adopt one out in your township,” Kristina Rinaldi told the news outlet.

The city’s “dangerous dog/pit bull” ordinance leaves it up to police to decide which dogs fall under that classification. Good photographed Diggy and, after returning to the police station, he concluded the dog was part Pit Bull/Pit Bull Terrier. (A Pit Bull is not a specific dog breed, but rather is used to describe a type of dog, usually an American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier and Staffordshire Bull Terrier.)

American Bulldog

Tillery and the rescue group where he got Diggy claim the dog is an American Bulldog (pictured), not a type of Pit Bull. Tara Darling/I-5 Publishing

Tillery now has to get Diggy out of the city by today or face a citation and fine of $500. It is on him to prove that Diggy is not the breed the cops say he is.

According to Fox 2 Detroit, Tillery will fight any tickets or fines because he says this is a case of mistaken identity.

It looks like the dog he knows is a happy, friendly dog that ought to be welcome everywhere.

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