Adopting a Great Dane

An adult Great Dane would be easier to adopt and transition into a couple’s life.

Q. I’m interested in adopting a Great Dane. I am 23 years old and in law school. My boyfriend and I live together. He is home during the day while I’m gone, and I’m home while he’s at work. We live in an apartment that’s about 1,100 sq ft. I also have a cat who is a tad temperamental. I was wondering if a Great Dane would be a good breed for me? I’ve had large dogs before, and I am a huge animal lover. I would really appreciate your insight.

A. While adult Danes are fairly mellow and laidback, and can do nicely in an apartment with a couple of long daily walks, a Dane puppy is pretty exuberant which means an apartment may not be the ideal environment in which to raise him.

If you can find an adult Dane from a breeder or rescue group that is accustomed to living with cats, I think that would be an easier transition for the two of you and the dog. You’ll need to introduce the dog and cat to one another slowly, keeping the cat crated at first, and making sure the cat can safely get away from the dog when it’s feeling stressed out.

It’s a huge advantage that you and your boyfriend can spell one another off and will be around to help the animals adjust.

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