Adopted: Another Pet Bird for Me

Several years ago, I visited Pet Bird Behavior Consultant and writer Sally Blanchard’s Bird Museum in Colorado. Sally has many talents, and one of them is sculpting. While I was there I bought a small sculpture of a blue-headed Pionus parrot that she had created. The blue head sculpture has since sat on my desk as a reminder that, one day, I would adopt another pet bird ?my wish-for bird ?a Pionus parrot. Over the years, people would ask me, “Why is your wish-for pet bird a Pionus? Why isn’t it a hyacinth macaw or a Moluccan cockatoo?” All I can say to that is I have found everything that I’ve read about Pionus to be fascinating. But I was always so busy and already had so many pets that it was never really the time to adopt a third pet bird.

Recently, though, I got the call. Sue from the Lily Sanctuary heard from Donna over at Bird Stuff Pet Bird Retail Store that I happened to mention a couple of years ago that I wanted to get a Pionus parrot if one ever came up for adoption. I had always figured with all the resources that I had at my fingertips, I would make a great candidate for adopting a second-home bird. The only thing was there never seemed to be any Pionus parrots in the pet bird shelters around me. Well, lo and behold, Sue called to tell me that she not only had one Pionus parrot that had been relinquished by its former owner, but two. One was a white-capped Pionus and the other was a blue-headed Pionus. They needed a home. Could I adopt one?

I already had my two 16-year-old cockatiels, Natty and Carlisle, plus a 1½-year-old 24-pound hound dog named Tampa Bay and a 14-year-old mixed 75-pound dog named Sprey. Dealing with three older pets plus one pet still in the puppy stage was quite a handful. However, I have wanted a Pionus parrot for many, many years, so I told Sue to pick the one she felt would best fit into my family. And that is how Deacon, the 12-year-old blue-headed Pionus came to my flock. In my blogs ahead I will talk about the experience of adopting a pet bird from an avian shelter and the adventures we’ve been having as Deacon has been adjusting to his new life and family. Stay tuned!

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