Adopt Abroad in Four Easy Steps

Adopting a foreign feline is as easy as 1, 2, 3 4. While an overseas adoption may sound daunting, Amy Dodgen explains its easier than you think.

You’re on vacation in Italy, admiring the ruins in the ancient Roman Forum. You spot an undernourished tabby sitting under a tree. The tabby, obviously homeless cat, walks over and nuzzles your leg. You’re instantly smitten. Would it be possible to take your friend home to the United States?

It should come as no surprise that the problem of homeless cats is as widespread in many other countries as it is in the United States. In some countries that Americans frequently visit, such as Italy and the Bahamas, cats are commonly seen wandering the streets or filling up shelters. These homeless cats are need homes and adoptions abroad by Americans are more common than you might think.

The Torre Argentina is a cat sanctuary in Rome that shelters 250 to 400 cats at a time and encourages foreign tourists to adopt its cats. We have an approximate adoption rate of 50 percent, which translates to about 250 cats a year, says Deborah D’Alessandro, a staff member at the sanctuary. Every year, we adopt out anywhere from 20 to 50 cats abroad.

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