Adopt a Bodega Cat and Grab a Cup of Coffee While You’re At It

A former bodega cat named Luke is waiting at the Meow Parlour for someone to take him to his forever home.

Luke is lucky to be in a bodega biding his time while he awaits adoption. Via

Luke has had a storied life for a cat of only 4 or 5 years old. A stray, he started out as a bodega cat, hanging out at a shop in his local New York neighborhood. When the shop closed, Luke, then called Dirty Gaga, got left behind. He wound up at the office of Ron Castellano, which served as his foster home until his relocation to Petco’s KittyKind adoption center, Bowery Boogie reports.

Unfortunately, the confinement of the Petco KittyKind cages did not sit well with Luke and it put him in a depressive state, no matter how many friends paid him a visit, but thanks to KittyKind and Meow Parlour, New York’s first cat café, Luke is back in a more spacious venue (after a brief period of adjustment, according to Bowery Boogie), no doubt eyeing all the cat-loving coffee drinkers, determining which would be the best choice as his new pet parent. Could it be you?

If you’re interested in adopting Luke – or any other cat for that matter – visit Meow Parlour. You’ll not only get the chance to get a new cat, you’ll also get to experience a cat café firsthand. That sounds like a win-win to us.

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