Adding Ferret Friends

Does a surviving ferret need a friend?

Q: My ferret just turned a year old. In his short year of life he lost two friends. My daughter’s ferret had to be put to sleep due to tumors in her stomach. Wiley got depressed and just didn’t act like himself. I then got a kit and he made a turn. We had the kit for three weeks, but then we found her lying dead on the bedroom floor. It has been about three weeks since the kit died. Wiley has now taken all the toys the kit played with and put these in his house. He now refuses to sleep there. Should I get another kit to relieve some of his pain or will it make it worst? He is eating and drinking but losing weight.

A: The fact that he is losing weight is worrisome and merits a trip to the vet, especially because he is eating and drinking.

Adding another ferret, after the vet-check, is a good idea because Wiley is used to having another ferret around. Ferrets are fairly resilient animals, and I am sure he would appreciate the company. Make sure you get him checked out by the veterinarian first though.

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