Adding and Premixing Salt for an Aquarium

Bonus content from the October 2010 AFI magazine article Sifting Through Salt.

If you use salt in your aquarium, use these 10 steps to add the salt, or premix the salt, correctly.

  1. Scrape any salt deposits off of the filter, tank rim and glass top.
  2. Test the salt level of the aquarium water before the water change.
  3. Record the salinity level for your reference.
  4. Premix the salt, and allow it to completely dissolve.
  5. To premix, use a plastic or glass container filled with warm water to dissolve the salt.
  6. Pour the salt mixture into a plastic bucket with water that is approximately the temperature of your aquarium’s water.
  7. Swirl the water for several minutes to mix completely.
  8. Use a hydrometer, refractometer or electronic salinity monitor to make sure you have the salinity needed.
  9. Add dechlorinator.
  10. Add the water to the tank.

Warning! Do not add salt when topping off an aquarium – salt does not evaporate, so adding salt during an aquarium top-off will raise your salinity level.

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