Adding A New Ferret To A Cage

Will adding a second ferret to a cage cause trouble between the two ferrets?

ferret lying in hammock in cage
Ferret TJ/© Courtesy Chris Wright and Becki Livesay
Introduce ferrets outside a cage before trying to have them live together in the cage.

Q: I have an older female ferret and a 6-week-old female kit. Will it be OK to put the two of them in the same cage? This baby is my second ferret, and I was a little unsure.
A: I recommend caging your ferrets separately at first until you know they are going to get along. You did not say how old your first ferret was. If she is quite a bit older, the baby ferret may be too energetic for her. The other scenario is that the older ferret may pick on the kit.

If the two seem to get along right away during supervised out-of-cage time, then try them in the cage together under supervision. Make sure that there is more than one bed in the cage in case they don’t want to share the same bed right away. Most animals establish a pecking order, and some squabbling is normal. There should not be any serious fighting, though. Fighting is serious if blood is drawn or one ferret constantly cowers away from the other or is blocked from eating or drinking.

If everything goes smoothly, let them stay together. If not, then set up a second cage for now and introduce the ferrets to each other for short periods of time each day until they are used to each other.

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