Adding a Greyhound to a Small-Dog Home

Rescue groups can help find a Greyhound that’s been exposed to small breeds.

Q. I am hoping to adopt a retired racing Greyhound next year, and am trying to do my homework first to make sure it’s a good decision. I own two small male dogs – a 4-year-old Border Terrier and an 11-year-old Yorkshire Terrier mix. I have read a lot about Greyhounds being tested for cat-friendliness, but what about small dogs? Are my dogs are too small in size for a Greyhound, in terms of it being a safe situation?

A. Many Greyhound rescue groups, during the course of fostering new arrivals and monitoring their prey drive, will expose them to small dogs as well as cats. Let the group you’re working with know about your two dogs so they can put you in touch with foster homes that also have small dogs, or have exposed the adoptable Greyhounds to smaller dogs. You will have a period of adjustment, but I have known dozens of Greyhounds over the years that have lived harmoniously with dogs of many small breeds.

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