Add a Little Bling to Your Cat’s Behind

Twinkle Tush offers the perfect gag gift – ahem, accessory – designed to give your cat a little more discretion.

Twinkle Tush is a great way to give your cat some bling while allowing them to be a little more modest. This jeweled bit of turquoise sparkle will look good on any cat and retails for a mere $5.99.

Really, every cat should have one. After all, as the Twinkle Tush site says, “Cats love sharing all those juicy details about their neighbors. That’s why they can’t stand each other’s presence – too much jibber jabber. If your cat doesn’t want to be known as that ‘new floozy who shakes their butt around at the local bingo hall’ then make sure they always cover their butt with the Twinkle Tush.”

And not only that, what if you and your cat are invited to a fancy tea party? One must dress respectably. The Twinkle Tush may just be the answer for the cat who refuses to wear pants or a long dress. Of course, the piece of jewelry works better as a gag gift, which is how it was intended. It would make kind of a funny photo, though, if your cat doesn’t mind modeling it.

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