Adam Sandler’s Dog Adjusts to New Daughter

"Chuck and Larry” star Adam Sandler tells of his Bulldog adapting to life with a new addition.

Adam Sandler’s Bulldog Matzoball found out that three’s company and four’s a crowd after the birth of Sandler’s first child, daughter Sadie.

“Initially [Matzoball] was a little heartbroken, wondering why all the attention wasn’t on her anymore,” Sandler says in an interview with People. But now that Sadie has turned one, “they are sharing the attention,” he says.

Sandler says it helps that Sadie can crawl. “[Sadie] kind of crawls up on my dog and gives her a little rub,” says the actor, who married wife Jackie in 2002.

But that doesn’t mean Sadie’s toys are off-limits for the dog. “That is Matzoball’s big move: She sees my daughter having fun with a toy; the next day we will find the toy beat up and with mucus on it,” says Sandler, who is starring in “I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry” with fellow comedian Kevin James.

Not surprisingly, Sandler couldn’t resist ending the toy anecdote with a punch line. “And we only find the squeaker if Matzoball burps.”

“I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry” is in theaters now.

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