Actresses Aid Disabled Dog

Scooby-Roo has a cart to help him get around thanks to Alyssa Milano, Shannon Elizabeth.

Actresses Alyssa Milano and Shannon Elizabeth have donated money to help a disabled dog named Scooby-Roo, who was born without front legs and found bloodied under a wrecked car in Los Angeles.


“The story and picture of Scooby-Roo broke my heart and I had to donate right away,” Elizabeth told “Through the power of Twitter, money was raised to help this amazing doggie hopefully get everything he needs and so much more!”

Milano also first learned about Scooby-Roo’s plight online. “I decided to help Scooby-Roo because I watched his YouTube video and fell madly in love with his love of life. He is a beautiful creature that deserves the chance to live a fulfilling, happy life without pain and if I can help Fuzzy Rescue give that to him, I’m here.”


Eight-month-old Scooby-Roo is now outfitted with a special cart to help him get around. He was rescued from underneath a wrecked car in South Los Angeles, and veterinarians think he was born without front legs and discarded by his owners.

To learn more about Scooby-Roo, visit animal rescue organization Fuzzy Rescue’s website.

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