Actor Scott Foley Talks Love of Dogs and a Great Campaign

The "Scandal” actor chatted with DogChannel about his dog Frankie and the I Heart My Dog campaign.

You probably know him best from hit shows such as “Scandal,” “True Blood” and “Felicity,” but when he’s not acting, Scott Foley takes on the proud roles of husband and father to his three children and dog Frankie. Foley was kind enough to chat with DogChannel via phone about Frankie and the fantastic new campaign he’s part of, #iHeartMyDog. 

Scott Foley and Dog

 Twitter/Scott Foley Foley & Frankie back in September 2014

Cari Jorgensen: Thanks so much for talking with DogChannel today.

Scott Foley: Of course! Thanks for taking the time to talk to me!

Cari Jorgensen: I imagine you’re very busy with the show and your family, especially with the addition of a dog. What has your experience been with dogs? Did you grow up with them?

Scott Foley: I did. I grew up with dogs. I had dogs all my life. I’m a big believer in dogs in children’s lives. We have three kids, and we lost a dog. I had a dog for 18 years who passed away last year. For the few months that we didn’t have her, we missed having a dog in the house. So we took my kids down to the shelter and we rescued this beautiful little black Shepherd-Lab mix puppy and on the ride home my daughter named her Frankie and now we can’t get rid of her. [Chuckles] She’s become a member of our family. She’s a 65-pound lap dog every night while I watch TV. She’s the one who misses me the most when I go out of town. It’s just amazing how indispensible and what an amazing part of your family these dogs become.

Cari Jorgensen: Absolutely. How long have you had her?

Scott Foley: She’s been with us for about eight months now. She’s 10 months old.

Cari Jorgensen: That’s wonderful.

Scott Foley: Yeah, it’s great.

Cari Jorgensen: She took to your family pretty quickly?

Scott Foley: It wasn’t two days! There’s something about—and I’ve had this happen two or three times in my life—where we’ve rescued an animal and they just know it. They’re so grateful. They’re as grateful to us for rescuing them as we are to them for their companionship.

Cari Jorgensen: Definitely. Some say it’s not us who rescue them, but them who rescue us.

Scott Foley: I would agree with that notion.

Cari Jorgensen: How do you protect Frankie during spring and summer?

Scott Foley: Well, look, there’s a lot of things that happen during the summer, right? The temperature gets up there. A lot of big dogs have a tendency to overheat and you have to make sure they’re not overworked and you want to make sure they have a lot of water, a lot of rest and shade. Also, spring and summer is the time when mosquitoes come out in many parts of the country. Mosquitoes carry the heartworm disease and it’s very easy to prevent with a heartworm disease preventable. HEARTGARD is one made by Merial [that you can] give to your dog beforehand. It’s so much easier to prevent the disease than it is to treat it. So it’s just a matter of taking care of and keeping an eye on your dog.

Cari Jorgensen: Of course. Now, I heard that you made a video love letter to Frankie recently.

Scott Foley: [Laughs] It sounds strange, doesn’t it?

Cari Jorgensen: Actually I just wrote up an article about writing letters to our dogs.

Scott Foley: Oh, good! Then you know what I’m talking about. The dog means the world to me, you know? You fall in love with your animals as soon as you pick them up for the first time. I partner with Merial, who makes HEARTGARD Plus, on this I Heart My Dog campaign and [for] part of it I made this, like you said, video love letter to Frankie and it’s going to be online. And I’m encouraging dog owners around the country to make a video themselves or to post a picture of themselves with their dog or even just to share the video that I made anywhere on social media. If you hashtag it with #iHeartMyDog, Merial will sponsor $1 towards Canine Companions for Independence [CCI], which, if you’re not aware of what it is, it’s a fantastic nonprofit organization that trains and provides assistance dogs to people with disabilities. They’ve been around for 40 years. They’ve placed almost 5,000 dogs with disabled people and what these dogs can do for the lives of the people they’re paired with is immeasurable. It’s really amazing.

Cari Jorgensen: How did you become involved in this campaign?

Scott Foley: You know, I have posted things about my dog on social media and I think they were looking for someone to partner with and I was one of the people that was mentioned to them. They looked through my social media and saw that I was a dog lover and when we talked about it, I think our interests were aligned. I want to make sure my dogs—and all dogs—are healthy and if I can benefit a nonprofit with such a great pedigree like CCI, all the better.

Cari Jorgensen: Where can DogChannel readers go for more information?

Scott Foley: Everyone can go to either to see the video or they can follow me on Twitter at @scottkfoley, where I posted a link to it. People post pictures of their dogs and themselves all the time on social media. If they just add that hashtag, #iHeartMyDog, they’ll have this big corporation, Merial, sponsor money to CCI.

Cari Jorgensen: That’s wonderful. Do you happen to know how long the campaign runs?

Scott Foley: Yeah, it runs until August 15, so you have a little while to do it, but hop on it. Hop on it!

Cari Jorgensen: I’ll have to take one of my mine.

Scott Foley: Absolutely. If you do it and tag me in it, I’ll retweet it. Cool?

Cari Jorgensen: Of course! I’m definitely going to do it. [DogChannel readers: Look for the photo on my Twitter page at @CariJorgensen later tonight.]

Scott Foley: Love it.

Cari Jorgensen: So what’s up next for you?

Scott Foley: Well, tonight’s the season finale of “Scandal,” so we’re in New York talking about that. I’m going to be with the cast and we’ll all watch it live tweet together. Then I have a little bit of a break, which is nice. I’m going to spend some time with my family. Even though I live and work in Los Angeles and I’m home every night, I don’t get to see my kids and my wife as much as I’d like. Or Frankie, even though she’s with me on set. We’re going to take a few vacations, spend some time together and hopefully I’ll be rested by the time I get back to “Scandal” next season.

Cari Jorgensen: That’s great. Thank you again for talking with DogChannel today.

Scott Foley: Please, thanks for your time. I love your [site].

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