Activities for a Wire Fox Terrier

Obedience training, agility, and plenty of walks are perfect for a Wire Fox Terrier’s activity level.

Q. I’ve been doing my homework, and have decided that the Wire Fox Terrier is the breed for me. I’m moving to a larger property before getting the dog(s). What activities (other than obedience training, agility, and earthdog clubs) do you suggest to burn their energy and keep their interest?

A. What a lucky dog your Wire Fox Terrier will be, living with an energetic and devoted owner like you!

The activities you mentioned are perfect for a Wire Fox Terrier’s activity level. You also can toss Frisbees for him and enjoy lots of walks together. Of course, once a second Wire joins your household, they’ll keep each other on the go.

Best of luck, and enjoy your new additions.

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