Acclimating Saltwater Invertebrates

Ask yourself these questions before acclimating your saltwater invertebrate to your aquarium water.

Before acclimating a saltwater invertebrate to a quarantine aquarium, answer the following questions to determine which acclimation technique is best for your invertebrate.

1. Was your invertebrate shippped damp-packed or in water?

If damp-packed, you don’t have to acclimate. Rinse the invertebrate off with aquarium water and place it in the aquarium.

If your invert was shipped in water, ask yourself:

2. Has the invertebrate been in the bag for less than or more than 15 hours?

If the saltwater invertebrate has been in the bag for less than 15 hours, use the bag acclimation technique or the drip acclimation method. With bag acclimation, you will float the bag in the water for 15 minutes with the lights off. Dispose of some of the bag water and add some aquarium water into the bag. Do this a few times unil the invertebrate has acclimated to your water conditions. Then place your invertebrate in the aquarium and dispose of the bag water. Don’t ever let bag water get into your aquarium water. The drip acclimation method is similar in that you put the animal and the bag water into a container and slowly drip aquarium water into the container until the animal is acclimated.

If it has been in the bag for more than 15 hours, minimize ammonia, then acclimate with the bag acclimation technique. To reduce ammonia, first create some saltwater that has the same water chemistry (temperature, pH, specific gravity, etc.) and then add the animal into that newly made water (which has no ammonia). At this point, you will acclimate the invertebrate to your aquarium’s water by using the regular bag acclimation technique or the drip acclimation method.


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