Abused Pit Bull Who Lost Her Ears And Teeth Learns To Trust Again

Rescued Pit Bull Nana is thriving in her new home and becoming an Instagram star.

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"Nana has forgiven people," owner Stephanie Doris said. Via JourneyofNana/Instagram

Nana was only supposed to stay for two weeks. Stephanie Doris took the then-8-year-old Pit Bull in as a foster and swore that it would only be a temporary situation. Nana was recovering from years of abuse, from giving birth to an estimated 15 litters of puppies and her ears and few remaining teeth were profoundly damaged. She had also been diagnosed with skin cancer, possibly from being chained up and left outside all day, every day.

“It was supposed to be a two-week thing. I was just going to get her healthy and then adopted,” Doris told ABC News. “But those two weeks turned into months and then after six months, someone serious about adopting her came forward. I realized I couldn’t let her go, and she’s been with me ever since.”

Nana has since had to have surgery to remove her ears due to their repeated infections, which left her completely deaf. She is also still fighting that skin cancer, but Doris is optimistic about their future together.

“Nana has forgiven people, and she’s learning to trust new people now,” Doris told ABC. “She’s forgiven people, so I have to also.”

Fortunately, Doris shares Nana with the Internet. Here are just a few of the many adorable photos that flood her Instagram account.

1. “Excuse me, I’m still waiting for my seaweed wrap.”

2. Happiness is…

3. She may be getting up in years, but Nana can still frolic in a sprinkler with the best of ’em.

4. “Hello, I am being a good girl, have you noticed?”

5. Say hello to Nana, your Uber driver.

OMG I LOVE CAR RIDES! #nanners #bestcopilot #journeyofnana

A photo posted by Nanners (@journeyofnana) on

6. This is the face of Monday.

7. “What? A hoodie works for Mark Zuckerberg.”

8. Strong pajama game, Nana. Very strong.

Nigh nigh time????? #nighnigh #nannersinjammers #journeyofnana

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