Abused Dog Found With Muzzle Taped Shut Is Out Of Surgery, Doing Well

Caitlyn the dog, who was found last week with her mouth taped shut, is recovering after a successful surgery.

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Caitlyn had to undergo two hours of surgery to fix injuries she sustained from having her mouth taped shut. Via Charleston Animal Society/Facebook
Stephanie Brown

Caitlyn, the dog whose abuse case is making national headlines, is well on her way to recovery after undergoing surgery and is expected to soon be available for foster care.

The a 15-month-old chocolate Staffordshire Terrier mix underwent two hours of surgery Wednesday to have her jaw reconstructed and dead tissue from her lip and tongue removed, ABC News 4-WCIV reports.

Caitlyn was found last week in North Charleston, South Carolina, with her mouth bound shut with electrical tape, her tongue caught between her teeth. She sustained significant injury after being left in that state for what officials believe was up to 48 hours.

Officials believe Caitlyn was like this for up to 48 hours. Via Charleston Animal Society/Facebook

Officials believe Caitlyn was like this for up to 48 hours. Via Charleston Animal Society/Facebook

Fortunately, veterinarians didn’t end up having  to remove as much of her tongue as they originally thought.

Dr. Henri Bianucci told WCIV that he thought Caitlyn may have to loose as much as 25 percent of her tongue, but only about an eighth of it was ultimately removed. He attributed the outcome to use of a hyperbaric oxygen chamber and cold laser therapy, which helped heal the damage tissue.

Once her wounds have healed, which Bianucci said should take about a week, Caitlyn is expected to be able to eat and drink like she would do normally. Then she will be available for foster care.

The man accused of abusing Caitlyn, William Leonard Dodson, 41, of North Charleston, was arrested earlier this week and charged with ill treatment of an animal involving torture. Bail is set at $50,000.

William Leonard Dodson was arrested for animal abuse. Via WCIV

William Leonard Dodson was arrested on animal abuse charges. Via WCIV

The Charleston Animal Society has been raising money for Caitlyn and other injured animals through Toby’s Fund at charlestonanimalsociety.org.

UPDATE 7/1/2015: Caitlyn has moved into a medical foster home and is expected to be available for adoption next year. Read about it here.

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