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Unsurprisingly, a common Beagle name is Snoopy, after the popular "Peanuts" character. Beagle dog portrait by Shutterstock

This small, English hound, used to hunt rabbit and hare was made famous by the daring and loveable “Snoopy.” While real Beagle’s don’t fly planes, they do enjoy adventure. Beagles require regular exercise and should be leashed or confined to a securely fenced yard so that it’s nose doesn’t lead them into trouble! Learn more about the Beagle>>

  1. Daisy — Eye of the day; synonym for sun. (English)
  2. Buddy — Friend; brother. (English)
  3. Lucy — Light. (Latin)
  4. Cooper — Barrel maker. (English)
  5. Bailey — Steward; in charge. (English and French)
  6. Snoopy — Nosy, curious. (English)
  7. Max — The greatest. (Latin)
  8. Charlie — Manly; strong; free. (English)
  9. Molly — Star of the sea. (Irish and Latin)
  10. Sadie — Princess. (English and Hebrew)

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