Abigail Breslin’s Dogged Ambitions

Oscar-nominated actress wants to be a veterinarian – though there’s one small problem.

Abigail Breslin has just the career in mind if the whole acting thing doesn’t pan out: veterinarian. But first she’ll have to get past the blood thing.

“I had to go to the vet with my dog, and she had to have blood taken from her, and I just couldn’t do it,” the 13-year-old tells the Los Angeles Daily News.

Luckily the young actress’s current career is soaring. She’s the star of “My Sister’s Keeper,” an Oscar-nominated actress (for “Little Miss Sunshine”), and the veteran of numerous TV shows and films.

“I would also love to direct at some point,” Breslin says. “I’ve written two scripts, and I have seven episodes of a TV show. I like to write a lot. I had to write a story for school. It’s kind of scary. It’s about a girl in a mental institution, and I’ve also written a romantic comedy.”

Much more fun than drawing blood, it seems. “On the last movie I made I got to go on the dolly and look through the lens of a camera, which seems like a lot of fun,” she adds.

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